A s India strides towards a future powered by clean, renewable energy, two brothers from Kerala are working overtime to include the common man in this ambitious endeavour. Arun and Anoop George have invented a low-cost wind turbine that will make renewable energy accessible to the common man. Arun George and the Wind Turbine he invented along with his brother Image source:  Youtube Their small wind turbine is approximately the size of a ceiling fan. The turbine is expected to generate enough electricity to power an entire house! In addition to private residences, the small wind turbine can also be used to power commercial complexes and electrify villages. The brothers are launching their wind turbines under the banner of Avant Garde Innovation. You may also like:   In Their Quest to Promote Solar Energy, Two IITians Will Cover 6000 Kms on Their Special Bike At present, most wind turbines are imported to India and cost consumers close to Rs. 2 lakh. Arun and Anoop’s invention, on the ot